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The most exciting topic talked about these days is mobile first indexing. The reason for this is that the world's most popular search engine, Google is moving in a way to make the web more exciting and friendly.

The most common questions that may arise with reference to mobile first indexing are

1. What basically is mobile first indexing?

2. What do you need to do for mobile first indexing?

3. What if my site doesnt have its mobile version?

4. Will Google use only my mobile site to determine rankings?

5. Is there a difference between how responsive sites and mobile sites will be treated?

The answers to the following questions are as follows:

Basically, mobile first indexing is the process of giving preference to the mobile version of a website into a Google index.

In Googles latest Mobile-first rulebook, it is said that you need not do anything to comply with the change if a website is responsive or has an identical desktop and mobile versions.

These are the following steps to check if a mobile website created has the components in compliance with Googles guidelines:

1. Structured data at the mobile site and desktop version should be the same.

2. Ensure that our mobile site has all the high-quality valuable content which is available on the desktop version.

3. Using the same metadata on the mobile and desktop version.

4. Search console verification should be done on the mobile site.

If a site does not have its mobile version, it can be indexed. However, ranking might go down in comparison to mobile-friendly websites.

As the name signifies, primarily mobile sites will be used for rankings. However, in some circumstances, the desktop versions will also be considered.

Also, know that the main difference will be in terms of how much work you have to do to get ready for this change.

If you have a fully responsive site, you should already have everything present on your mobile version that is currently part of the desktop version, and your main challenge will simply be to ensure that the mobile experience is well optimized. is one of the best web development companies in India with its main office located in Noida. They are highly experienced in web development services like PHP Web Development, ROR Web Development, WordPress Web Development, Joomla Web Development, Drupal Web Development to name a few.



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