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In a time of rapid technological advancement, there is a lot of scope for Augmented Reality (AR) to be used effectively in app innovation. Nowadays, Augmented Reality has become the overall focus of mobile innovation. The last couple of years have seen revolutionary AR innovations like ARkit by Apple and ARcore by Google. This growth in software and technology has now provided a platform for developers to easily create and design mobile applications. Mobile phones are the most famous AR capable devices in the market today, therefore, developing mobile apps based on augmented reality would be a benchmark for all future innovations in this field. 

The Pokemon Go App is a great example of Augmented Reality application in Mobile app innovation. This app effectively used the GPS combined with the digital components, i.e., the Pokemons which pop up at different locations as the player navigates through the real world. This mobile gaming app was a major hit last year and an inspiration for developers to create more applications using AR. 

There are apps like Wikitude that use user's position by GPS or Wi-Fi and directions using the compass and accelerometer. It allows the user to walk through a live version of the Google Maps on the phone and using the Camera or Video input. Here, AR works by showing the user all the nearby pins and signposts on the phone interface making it easier to identify particular places on the Maps.

AR is also used in real estate apps like Smart2VR and Realvision, where the interiors and exteriors of a certain property can be virtually edited using “virtual staging”. Staging can include decorative elements, added pieces of furniture and paintings. These apps help the buyer to virtually look at the alterations made in the property to make it sell. 

House decor apps make use of AR by merging digital elements into real life elements in an image, video, etc. It allows the user the replace the real life furnishings with digital versions of the desired furnishings and an option to view the room from different angles.

The Anatomy 4D Augmented Reality App is a great app for educational improvement and better understanding. Anatomical apps allows the user to point the device at any anatomical drawing and get a 3D view. AR in educational app development can reshape the learning process making it interesting and more practical. 

There have been advances in the field of Augmented Reality in app development and innovations over the years and there are a lot more to transpire in the foreseeable future. Tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft have contributed significantly and have continued to astound the world with their latest AR devices and mobile applications. AR is all about making the user experience immersive in that very moment while using the mobile application and making the overall experience utile and entertaining. The future of mobile technology is very stirring and Augmented Reality is the key for new innovations in this domain. 


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